With 300 movies in her bag,these are top 10 Sridevi movies!!!

sridevi movies

Recently,it was a sad day in the history of bollywood cinema, when we all got the heart breaking news of the demise of a super star of her age and forever. Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan, A.K.A, Sridevi Kapoor  was announced dead on 24th February 2018 at  Jumeirah Emirates Towers HotelDubai, United Arab Emirates.


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Mr. Polkadot being a movie buff, and a bollywood lover, has always been in awe Sridevi movies. Be it her simplicity and quirk in Chaalbaaz (1989) or her romance in Chandni (1989). Also, from wild and fiery Nagina to caring and shy in English Vinglish. She has played all her roles with true conviction and dedication.

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With her record of 300 films,last being MOM (2017) ,there are some of the movies which are absolutely masterpiece. Here, Mr. Polkadot has curated a list of top 10 Sridevi movies. Also don’t forget to check a special mention of Sridevi movie in the end.

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Himmatwala (1983)- One of the iconic role played by this beautiful lady was in this film. #tofa #tofa #tofa #laya #laya #laya

sridevi movies , himmatwala poster

Mr. India (1987)-  You would certainly remember the #Hawahawai of bollywood, and this movie just didn’t give us this but the most sensual romantic way to say #iloveyou.  Even till now you see these two songs being played in many occasions be it fun or romantic couple dance ,respectively.

sridevi movies , Mr. India

Chaalbaaz (1989)- The exotic combination of two sides of Sridevi can be seen in this movie. This Sridevi movie gave us a glimpse or a bold ans shy sides both being played by her in a twin role.

sridevi movies , Chaalbaaz

Chandni (1989)-  The movie gave us #Chandni of bollywood. Not only the script /acting / actors of this Sridevi movie were applauded, but the songs were better than each one. Be it #MereHathoMein or #Chandni ,each song had its own space and love among the audience.

sridevi movies , Chandni

Lamhe (1991)- Yet another powerful intense romantic performance given by Sridevi and Anil Kapoor. There chemistry is something that cannot be explained in words.

sridevi movies , Lamhe

Khuda Gawah (1992)- With  the song “Tu mujhe kabool”, the audience and bollywood did kabool this queen of bollywood,and welcomed her in their hearts.

sridev movies, khuda gawah poster

Judaai (1997)- This was the last of Sridevi movie before she took a long break for about 15 years.It is one of the most successful movie of her career and was much appreciated for the same.

sridevi movies , Judaai

English Vinglish (2012)- Sridevi’s come back couldn’t have been better than this. Playing a shy ,simple lady turning into a confident women did gave a lesson to alot of women in the country. The fear of english language which even now haunts alot of women men actually both,was overcome by many because of this Sridevi movie.

sridevi movies , English Vinglish

Mom (2017)-  A powerful strong role of a mother taking revenge for her daughter was very convincingly performed by the Chandni of bollywood.

sridevi movies , MOM

ZERO (2018)- This is what the special listing is,which Mr. Polkadot would like to share with everyone. Though this bollywood would never be the same without its Chandni,still a treat for all her fans is the upcoming #Shahrukhkhan’s movie ZERO, where we would be seeing Sridevi in a special apperance.

sridevi movies , ZERO

So this was a list of top 10 Sridevi movies. Yes we completely understand that many of the deserving movies were not mentioned here,but its just a handful of the best from the best herself. Please do tell us about your favorite Sridevi movie,and will make sure to come up with next list soon. Hope to give her family strength and love. We all would miss this Chandni of bollywood and Mr. Polkadot is sure that she will always remain in our heart in form of  her movies.


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