Top 5 Men’s Winter Fashion Trends 2017-18!!!

men's winter fashion trends

Men’s winter fashion trends are like Voldemort, nobody talks about it as much as the women’s but still feel its presence!!!

Mr. Polkadot too has felt these similar vibes around him,so he has decided to talk about the topic himself. And therefore for all men out there we bring your much awaited topic, Top 5 Women’s, uhh we mean Men’s winter fashion trends. The need of the hour is to actually  know what are the men’s winter fashion which are both comfortable and fashionable.


So being a “fashion faithful“, Mr. Polkadot shares his personal Top 5 latest men’s winter fashion trends. Find your perfect style and let the ladies get flattered from every angle. *wink* *wink*

1.#Classy Look

Winters is one of the best season for a man to show his fabulous fashion and sleek style. Layer up your clothing to look dapper and stay warm at the same time.White shirt is a must for any man’s wardrobe with a blazer and an overcoat for extra warmth.

ies: Scarf, Sunglasses, or a watch will make the overall look a bit sassy!!

#Tip: Wearing a pair of  jeans makes it a casual look, and on the other hand teaming it up with a pant gives it a formal touch.

Men's winter fashion trends

2. #Casual Look

Want to go for a more casual look?? This trendsetting combination is sure to get you noticed.
 Put on a sweater and a coat over that!! You can add a little color with the pants/chinos. A touch of white sneakers would give it a flirty look.

#Accessories: A cool pair of glasses would add a classy and edgy look to you.

#Tip: Groom your hair well to stay in style. The men’s shoes fashion is incomplete without a pair of white sneaker. Do check out the perfect looks to go with your white sneakers/converse. click here 

top 5 men's winter fashion trends
Mr. Polkadot

3. #Sporty Look

This one is specially for those who want to go for a sporty look yet stylish!!
Grab on a denim jacket, they are men’s winter fashion essential this season. Team it up with a sweater and black jeans to show off your funky style.

#Accessories: Club it up with a beanie and sunglasses and add on to the rocker-style.

#Tip:  Boots work great in winters.

top 5 men's winter fashion trends

4. #Simple Look

 Sometimes less is more.  Light up your look with a casual shirt ,sweater and a pair of ankle length jeans/chinos.

#Accessories: This edgy combination improves on with a classy pair of loafers.

#Tip: Keep your hair well groomed. You can roll up the chinos till ankle too if they aren’t perfectly tailored.

top 5 men's winter fashion trends for 2017-2018 by mr polkadot
Mr. Polkadot/Poorvajohri

5. #Rough Look 

A graphic tee and leather jacket can never go wrong. Men’s winter fashion jacket trends are perfect for a night out or party mode. Wear a distressed jeans to look good and feel good with this combination.

#Accessories: It looks sexy when slipped into a pair of cool sneakers.

#Tip: Rough and Raw hair compliments the tough look.

mens winter fashion essential
Mr. Polkadot/Poorvajohri

And these are the top 5 men’s winter fashion trends for 2017-18. This list gives you an insight of some dapper,classy,comfortable,funky yet sassy looks to flaunt this winter season. And a special thanks to fashion stylist  Poorva Johri in collaborating with Mr. Polkadot and curating these stunning men’s winter fashion trends.

Do let us know in the comment section below,as to which looks do you prefer. And tag us on Instagram ,Facebook and Twitter with #mrpolkadot to flaunt your dapper looks with us,also you might get featured in our upcoming posts. And don’t forget to share it with your friends to make them look as stylish as you.

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