Top 10 places in Delhi for Cheap Shopping and High Bargaining!!

cheap shopping high bargain
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” Bhaiya….sahi sahi laga lo!!!!….. Are Bhaiya,Dilli se hi ayi hu!!!…. Ye bohot zada hai,itne ka laga lo!!… Acha na tera na mera,itne mein done kar bhai!!! “

Heard these lines before??? I’m sure you know where you can find people saying all this.

Delhi is a place where you can celebrate shopping fiesta everyday,and that too in a really pocket friendly way. Not only the ladies,but I’m sure that some men out there, like Mr. Polkadot, are a pro in #bargaining.  Here are the top 10 cheap shopping places in Delhi where you can practice and flaunt your bargaining skills.

(1) Palika Bazaar:

For all those,who love bargaining and are really good at it,this one is a gold mine. Expect their asking prices to be almost 10 times (at least for shoes), so you know what price you got to quote them. A pair of shoe which they ask for Rs. 2500-3000 ,if you have got the skills, you can easily get up to Rs. 350-400. A shirt or t-shirt can easily be bargained to Rs. 300-400. I would not recommend buying perfumes ,as they are bound to be fake and the fragrance fades away very easily.

#Location – Connaught Place/Rajiv Chowk

#Nearest Metro Station – Rajiv Chowk (Gate number 6- Yellow/Blue Line)

#What to buy – Clothes/Shoes/Watches/Belts/Electronics/CDs/Accessories.

Cheap shopping high bargain
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(2) Sarojini Nagar Market:

It is a personal favorite of Mr. Polkadot,as he loves to bargain. The basic mantra of bargaining here is to stay rigid at the price you say. Mostly, clothing is what you can get here on a cheap deal (for both #Nar and #Mada). And then, with the “#bhaiyas” approaching you for Sunglasses and Watches,you can easily take the deal for Rs.200 (tough but not impossible) for which they ask Rs. 3500.

FYI– It is near by Dilli Haat, INA, so you should definitely check that out too for nice handicraft stuff.

#Location – Sarojini Nagar

#Nearest Metro Station – INA (Yellow Line)

#What to buy – Clothes/Watches/Sunglasses/Apparels/Accessories.

cheap shopping high bargain
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(3) Janpath:

Another bargain hub of Delhi is Janpath. Clothes for boys and girls can be easily bought here on a cheap price of Rs. 300-350. Though some are rigid on fixed prices,it depends on your skills,plus a great collection in shirts and t-shirts is available here. So a one time visit is definitely recommended by Mr. Polkadot. Sunglasses available here are the latest trend which you won’t be seeing in Palika Bazaar (or they’ll be very expensive in that underground market). Again,with your skills, you can easily buy the latest+trendy sunglasses for approx Rs. 200, for which they as Rs. 600-1500.

#Location – Janpath, New Delhi

#Nearest Metro Station – Janpath (violet line)

#What to buy – T-shirts/Sunglasses.

cheap shopping high bargain
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cheap shopping high bargain
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(4) Lajpat Nagar- Central Market:

A place to enjoy good food with loads of shopping is what Lajpat Nagar central market is. Mostly clothes and accessories for ladies/females is available here.

#Location – Lajpat Nagar,New Delhi

#Nearest Metro Station – Lajpat Nagar (Violet Line)

#What to buy – Clothes/Accessories.

cheap shopping high bargain
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(5) Gaffar Market/Ajmal Khan Road/Karol Bagh:

This place is like a 3 in 1 combo. These places,adjacent to each other give you the variety of electronics,clothing,shoes and artificial jewelry. Gaffar (a.k.a – I phone ka hub) is famous for latest mobile phones,cameras, and electronic stuff which might not have been even launched in India. On the other hand, Ajmal Khan Road provides you with latest fashion filled clothes for your wardrobe. You can also visit this place for wedding shopping,with trend setting lehengas or even copies of famous designers. Karol Bagh market is again a mix of every product, ranging from clothes to shoes. Nice trendy and medium range shoes can be bought from here.

#Location – Karol Bagh, New Delhi

#Nearest Metro Station– Karol Bagh (Blue Line)

#What to buy – Mobile phone/Electronic items/Wedding attires/Shoes/Clothes.

cheap shopping high bargain
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(6) Monastery Market:

Also known as the Tibetan Market is situated near ISBT Kashmiri Gate. Here you can find imported stuff in clothes, leather products,jackets,shoes,jewelry,and accessories. It is a place with nice combination of fashion and food at one place.

#Location – Under ISBT-Shahdara flyover,Ring Road,New Delhi

#Nearest Metro Station – Kashmiri Gate (Red/Yellow line)

#What to buy – Jackets/Jewelry/Leather Products/Shoes.

cheap shopping high bargain

(7) Lajpat Rai Market:

A place which Mr. Polkadot visited for one specific love of his,”watches” is Lajpat Rai Market. People do get confused sometimes about Lajpat Nagar and Lajpat Rai Market. The both are totally different. This market is very famous to buy watches,and if you hold the skill of conversation and convincing, then you can easily customize your watch as well. From various types of watch straps,dials,base and every basic input ,you can have a watch to flaunt.

#Location – Lajpat Rai Market,New Delhi

#Nearest Metro Station – Lal Quila (Violet Line)

#What to buy – Watches

cheap shopping high bargain

(8) Balli Maran:

This place nearby to Lajpat Rai Market and Chandni Chowk is quite famous for cheap shoes as well as sunglasses/spectacles. You can easily find good spectacles at very cheap rate here,which not only are comfortable but super trending too.

#Location – Balli Maran,Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

#Nearest Metro Station – Chandni Chowk (Yellow Line)

#What to buy – Spectacles/Sunglasses/Shoes.

cheap shopping high bargain

(9) Chandni Chowk:

A place Mr. Polkadot doesn’t think need to describe much to all. This place itself speaks about the variety of stuffs you can get. Its a super mart for all the products,with really less price tag. Though the USP we would like to mention is for the wedding shopping. Your complete wedding list is available here. From wedding attires to jewelry , you name it and they have it.

#Location – Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

#Nearest Metro Station – Chandni Chowk (Yellow Line)

#What to buy – Wedding Shopping.

cheap shopping high bargain
cheap shopping high bargain

(10) Mohan Singh Palace:

This place, not known to many, takes a place on our list for its specialty in denims. You name it,and they have it. From ready made to custom made denims, they provide all. Not only denims,but other fabrics are too available here with cheap prices and tailoring as well. For all the denim lovers, this place is at least a one time visit.

#Location – Mohan Singh Palace,Connaught place, New Delhi.

#Nearest Metro Station – Rajiv Chowk (Blue/Yellow line)

#What to buy – Denims/Tailored Stuff.

cheap shopping high bargain
cheap shopping high bargain

So this is the list of top 10 cheap/bargaining markets of Delhi. Share this with your friends and family while making your next shopping list. If you have any query or feedback,do let Mr. Polkadot know in the comment section below.


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