North meets South at Sanjeev Kapoor’s The Yellow Chilli in Goa!!

When a hardcore North Indian travels to Southern part of India,what does he expect, ” Bas 2 waqt ki Dal Makhani, Naan aur thoda sa apna swag… swad!!”. And while traveling through the greenery and Goan feel in this monsoon, Mr. Polkadot’s mouth was craving for that #swad. After tasting food from different shacks and nook & corners, it was now Mr. Polkadot’s turn to head towards our very own India Celebrity Chef, Sanjeev Kapoor’s The Yellow Chilli. Spread across major cities in India, it is one of the best casual dine out places, after all Sanjeev Kapoor’s name is associated to it.

So, this restaurant is situated in Mall De Goa, Porvorim, Goa. As soon as Mr Polkadot entered the restaurant, he saw the main counter which was placed with recipe books by Sanjeev Kapoor. Next what caught his eyes were the quirky walls painted with cartoons giving a goan feel, be it shacks or bar, a fish market or just tourist exploring the place. Also, the main brand name has been painted with a beautiful touch of coconut tree and waves, giving it a nice goan beach feel. Also, through a projector screen  Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipes are played.

Now,for starters, Mr Polkadot ordered Masala Papad, Dahi ke Kabab and Tangra Chilli Paneer (yes, goa mein veg,coz Mr. Polkadot is one– His body is a temple, not a tomb). Dahi ke kabab were really nice, and a must try. They were soft and equally had the sourness of curd which is required for a good dahi kebab, and the green chutney complimented and enhanced the taste. Next was Tangra Chilli Paneer, though the paneer was extremely soft, but the garlic was a bit extra, over powering other tastes.

It was now the drinks, which were served. Butter scotch shake was tried by Mr Polkadot ( you must be assuming that why being in Goa, Mr Polkadot wasn’t drinking alcohol, but let me tell you he quenched his thirst later at Baga Beach, but as this restaurant is on the highway, it does not serve liquor) and it was so good, that two rounds of it were called. Very smooth taste and a nice presentation with a full glass is like a tummy filler itself. Another Water Melon drink was ordered which was equally good.

For the main course, Mr Polkadot sticked to the basic (as always) Dal Makhani and Naan. Here too, naan was soft and properly done but the Dal had a bit of extra garlic which again over powered most of its flavor (may be that how they like there food in south , lil sweet and garlicy).

In the end, a sweet dish, Bebinca with vanilla ice cream was served. Bebinca is actually a special goan dessert and a type of pudding. It was a really delicious dessert ,and is a must recommended here. Mr Polkadot feels you shouldn’t give it a miss.

Overall the whole experience was great, from the ambience to the creative quirky walls and till the last dessert tasted. Mr Polkadot would recommend everyone to atleast visit it once and explore the different tastes and variety provided by them. Also, Mr Polkadot would love to know your experience as to what you faced when you went to The Yellow Chilli, do let us know in the comment section below. And soon you all will be updated with the over all first time goan experience done by Mr. Polkadot.

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  1. Getting proper Indian food is actually a task in Goa.. I am sure your post will help people add this place to their list whenever they crave for Indian food in Goa.. I mean North Indian in particular.

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