Mr. Polkadot’s tongue turns Japanese!!!

With his new love for blogging, Mr. Polkadot’s tongue is tasting new cuisines crazily. The latest one being Japanese cuisine at the Kylin Premier, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. If you are looking for some authentic Japanese cuisine or other Pan Asian cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Malaysian,  then this is a great place to start off with. Also, Kylin is complimented with a beautiful Skybar, that has a good amount of seating arrangement . Though it would be prefer to enjoy that Skybar with your poison in evening, as you would feel like being barbequed in that heat.

So  coming to the much awaited food journey, Mr. Polkadot was a bit curious  to try Japanese cuisine for the very first time.  For quenching his thirst in that “jaan-lewa” heat, Mr. Polkadot ordered a Green Apple Martini. The presentation as well as the taste was pretty amazing. It carried a right amount of green apple to not ruin the taste. Then Mr. Polkadot, just  for fun sipped a Cosmopolitan as well from his friend, and was a bit jealous as it was equally or rather even better drink than his. Another drink tried was an LIIT, though it is a basic drink available at usually every restaurant, but not everyone can portrait its contents the way it should. LIIT is like a painting ,where each content added can either ruin the drink or make it. Mr. Polkadot is glad that all the drinks were finely made and presented which added up to the mood for his tongue to taste something new .

Green Apple Martini
Mai Tai Cocktail- based on rum, Curaçao liqueur, orgeat syrup, and lime juice
Bloody Marry

Coming on to the food…. (oh wait, just to let you all know, Mr. Polkadot used the chopsticks for the first time,and he killed it. People in the restaurant were striving to get the hold of it, but your Mr. Polkadot did it like a pro (#SWAG). The first starter presented was the highlight for Mr. Polkadot. It was actually a beautifully packed purple dimsums (aka our very own momos, Jo kuch log ban karwana chah rhe hai..oops, did we say something ). Yes, purple dimsum, and not like the road side ones but filled with broccoli and chestnut (now thats what I call a dish with a class). The another starter was Yasai Tempura and Rice Pepper Roll, though the tempura was a bit bland but the rice pepper roll were pretty nice. (easy language mein, Rice pepper wale spring roll). The Veg Sushi wasn’t to be ignored either and must be tried. Mr Polkadot loves the dishes which don’t compromise on taste to suit vegetarians and this sushi was one such example.

Now comes the main course, where he wasn’t expecting much in vegetarian but still managed to get a few like Lohan Veggies with Oyster Mushroom, Tofu in Thai Basil Sauce , Veg Sushi and Oriental veg Chilli in Bean Sauce. The food was presented very well and the taste also did utmost justice towards the presentation. Each dish tried by Mr. Polkadot had a unique taste. Its aroma, smell, look, taste and everything was at par. The last dish he tried was Udon Noodles, it had a little bland taste,but may be because thats what it should taste like (ab dilli ke chatpate khane ke samne to sab feeka hi hai na :p)


In the end,  Tub Tim Krob , a famous Thai dessert made with water chestnut syrup, coated with red food color, which is usually eaten with coconut milk and ice cube was served. It is a must try as the taste is very refreshing and someone like Mr. Polkadot with a sweet tooth is a sucker for this. So the overall experience of Mr. Polkadot was very amazing as his perception towards the Japanese cuisine had changed all together. And being a vegetarian, it does have quite a good option to hop-in for as well. We surely would love to know your experience and as well as your favorite Japanese dish.Also hit us with some amazing hidden places that you know, which you want Mr. Polkadot to try and explore for you in  the comments section below. And do check out Mr. Polkadot’s similar encounter with Thai food as well here Mr Polkadot Ki Rai About Thai.

Tub Tim Krob

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