Mr. Polkadot tries to satiate his Indian taste buds at Zabardast Indian Kitchen!!

Mr. Polkadot is a craver for Indian cuisine. So, while exploring the streets of CP , he came across a place with fabulous combination of food,music and ambience. Zabardast Indian Kitchen in the heart of the city offers some great Indian food and drinks and is a perfect place to spend some cosy time with family and friends. From the warm greetings at the entrance by the staff till the farewell,Mr. Polkadot overall had a pleasant experience.

Now coming to the food part, after getting confused amongst the great choices they offered, Mr. Polkadot opted for a veg platter,though he altered the portions from 4 to 2 pieces, as i would have been more than enough. The platter consisted of broccoli, soya chaap, stuffed aloo and dahi ke kebab. The kebabs were too delicious, though I missed the presence of paneer in a platter. On the other hand, soya chaap and stuffed aloo could have been cooked a little bit more. But, the music played in the background was so apt according to Mr. Polkadot’s quirky choice in music, that it didn’t bother him much.

After the starters, drinks were playing an equal part in the experience, an LIIT and Virgin Mojito was being opted. Though mojito was a bit on the sweeter side but the LIIT was par excellence. According to Mr. Polkadot, each alcohol present in the drink enhanced the flavor of the drink overall. He would definitely recommend everyone to try it at least.

It is said, that a restaurants taste can be judged by the basic main course, i.e. Dal Makhani and Breads. And if you ask who said this,Yes you thought it right, Mr. Polkadot. He believes that if a restaurant cannot present its basic dish at its best,then no point going further. At Zabardast Indian Kitchen too, Mr. Polkadot opted for the very basic Dal Makhani , Onion Kulcha and Paneer Butter Masala. Thanks to his tastebuds, the dal makhani was all salt, nothing else. The Paneer too had an excessive amount of burnt garlic flavor,while the onion kulcha was a bit bland.

Now the main highlight was presented, and that was the  desserts. First one was Milk Cake with rabri, a creative idea and equally creatively presented as well. Second in the line was the Chocolate Brownie Dhodha, as the name says,Mr. Polkadot too feels its like an Inception of Sweet. Sweet inside the sweet and that inside another. A layer of dhodha wrapped up in  brownie,which altogether wrapped up in chocolate presented with a scoop of vanilla chunk. The taste even now makes Mr. Polkadot’s mouth water.

Though the overall experience for Mr. Polkadot was great, the only taste killer he had was with main course. Still, he would recommend his dear readers to visit this place at least once and do let him know your stories and experience. Also let us know where would you like Mr. Polkadot to visit next, share your experiences and recommendations.

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    • Surely do try them and let us know your experience. Also, If you want Mr. Polkadot to explore one of your favorite places then do let us know it as well.

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