Mr. Polkadot routes his way to the hidden Bhel Puri gem in Sundar Nagar..!

Being a true Delhite, Mr. Polkadot justifies to be a big street foodie. From Gol Gappas (and its not paani puri. *Period*) to Momos, he is a sucker for all. For the love of same, Mr. Polkadot happens to discover this small stall in Sundar Nagar Market, near National Zoological Park, New delhi. This “Bombay” stall gives you a variety of mouth watering chaat such as Spl. Bhel Puri, Spl. Sev Puri, Spl. Jhal Muri and Calcatta Batata Puri. Even though Bhel puri is said to be originated from Mumbai, this place has marked the taste in its very own way.

With a super soft spoken uncle,preparing each dish ,one at a time,and requesting others to wait till your chaat is being prepared can assure you about the taste and quality. Mr. Polkadot,being a regular muncher of this snack sometimes even travel or re-routes his way in order to satisfy his taste buds. From seeing the first bhel puri being prepared to sometimes even the last,Mr. Polkadot has filled his mouth with the same constant taste no matter what.

Each dish is unique and special in its own way. Yet being a regular customer,Mr. Polkadot is a loyal customer for its Bhel puri and sav puri. The way owner prepares the dish with such dedication ,looks like he is preparing his master piece. The mixture of puffed rice prepared with finely chopped onions,crushed papdi,peanuts, raw mangoes ,masale ,sweet chutney with a special Khajur chutney makes it exotically delicious.

To talk about its quality, leaving the myth behind about road side stalls not keeping up with the quality. Mr. Polkadot has seen the owner flush down the whole bucket of chutney at the end of the day if not used,such is the dedication towards his work as well as health of his customers. Also, a good news for all the night snackers,this place opens up till 11 P.M. So you know where to head to,if your tongue craves for a tangy,spicy and mouth watering chaat.

A plus you get is,that they even do wedding functions. So Mr. Polkadot is in awe of them, do visit this place and comment below as to how did your taste buds react to the delicious snack available at this stall. Also help Mr. Polkadot to reveal more insights of your city, and let him know your favorite Street Food Joints.


    • Hi utta, there is nathu sweet in the main market sundar nagar,this stall is almost in front of that. At the corner of the park and parking area.

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