Mr Polkadot ki Rai about Thai!

Thai Khun is an experience that Mr. Polkadot is gonna remember for a long time, as this was the first time he experienced the cuisine in literal sense. Thai Khun was a Thai Food Festival organized at Kylin Experience at Holiday Inn, MayurVihar.
Normally people have a perception that vegetarians cannot enjoy Thai food, but MrPolkadot’s experience can shut those perceptions forever. As you all know that MrPolkadot is a vegetarian and yet he enjoyed the Thai food to its core and you will be surprised to know that a lot of options were available for vegetarians.

But before food, lets talk about the overall concept of the festival. MrPolkadot was extremely pleased with the artificial currency handed right upon entrance to give customers the feel of typical Bangkok Street food (without Gol Gappe) buying and eating experience. The ambience too was apt with some props thrown in and the food being served from live counters. There were separate counters for salads, soups, dimsums, grills and curry stations. The vibes were really lively and the entire staff very hospitable and helpful.

MrPolkadot began his culinary experience by tasting the salads, which were all good. MrPolkadot loved the fact that the salads and other food items were very reasonably priced doing full justice to the theme of street food (but… gol gappe ) .Next he tried Veg Dimsums, which were first steamed, and then roasted to perfection. The stuffing was juicy and delicious and the roasted crispiness with a smoky flavor added another dimension to the overall flavours.
Corn on the cob was another delectable preparation and MrPolkadot loved its juicy sauces, which were sweet and sour in taste. Then he went on to try the Soya Chaap from the grill section and loved the preparation. The chaap was succulent and well spiced.

For the mains, MrPolkadot settled for Thai Green Curry with Sticky Rice and they turned out to be really good.
The dessert was also something that MrPolkadot had not tried ever before, Water Chestnuts with Coconut Cream, it was nice, but didn’t relish it much.

Overall MrPolkadot had a fine experience at Kylin and can surely say that vegetarians too deserve to try the cuisine.
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