Break the Heat with Drinks Break!

In this sultry weather who doesn’t like a drink break at least Mr Polkadot surely does and when the place is called Drinks Break tab toh usse checkout karna banta hi hai

So on one such hot and sunny afternoon Mr Polkadot discovered this place called Drinks Break in the Model Town market and instantly he thought of quenching his thirst.

The place is small and doesn’t have much space but also the concept is for some mocktails, shakes and light snack bites to go along. It has a hint of cricket drinks break as a theme and it shows in the decor with a wall depicting cricket bat and wickets.


Mr Polkadot tried the Cadbury Gems shake which was a nice and thick chocolate shake with chunks of gems that could be tasted in every second sip. Ocean Mojito was another great preparation, a classic mojito with some blue curaƧao.


To go along Mr Polkadot then tried the Strawberry Waffles, they were just about ok. Mr Polkadot actually found the waffles to be little soggy, and one of the waffles was somewhat burnt.

Setting out to try a savoury item, he ordered a fully loaded nachos and this dish won Mr Polkadot over. Not because nachos are a unique dish but for the sheer fact that from first nacho till the last they were as crispy and loaded. Even till the end the nachos don’t turn soggy and we’re fully loaded with veggies and cheese and this truly was a great thing.

Overall Mr Polkadot spent a decent time here and will surely recommend their shakes and savouries. Do let us know if you know about more such places and Mr Polkadot will be happy to explore them.

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