A Movie Marathon Of Mr. Polkadot

Recently, many movies have been released and due to a lot of catching up with great stories for you, Mr. Polkadot didn’t get time to watch some of them. No no, it doesn’t mean because of you all, neither is Mr. Polkadot blaming anyone. Rather he is happy that he got a chance to go on a movie marathon. Yes its true, though usually people go for their “favorites” in the movie marathon, but here I think Mr. Polkadot didn’t have much choice. So the three movies he went with were Mubarakan, Jab Harry met Sejal and Munna Michael ( OK, now you can sympathize with him). Though he is a movie buff, and that too a full-on-bollywood-filmy one, but obviously there are some exceptions where even he has to give up.

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So the first movie he went on with was Mubarakan. With the sailor of the movie Aneez Bazmee, it had Anil Kapoor,  Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, Athiya shetty and Anil kapoor. No its not a typo, you read it correctly, Anil Kapoor is written twice. And I’m sure, those who have seen the movie will agree too, he had to work double to pull of this movie, so lets not take away that credit. Mr Polkadot liked the movie, but the only thing missing he would say is uhh…. Logic!! The indecisive Charanveer Singh (Arjun Kapoor) switching his love interest is quite crazy. I mean, being with a girl for so many years and then falling in love at first sight with Binkal (Athiya Shetty) ? And then, his initial love interest Nafisa Ali Khan (Neha Sharma), too falls in love with Binkal’s (Athiya shetty) brother, because….. It’s a match!! (No its not tinder guys, its bollywood filmy twist… Cliche twist). If we talk about the music, its pretty grooving but not a chart buster. Though if you are just looking up for entertainment then you will be getting occasional smiles and giggles, but don’t expect to leave theaters with a crazy laughter. #NoROFL


So Mr. Polkadot will give Mubarakan ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ (3 Polkadots out of 5.)

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The second movie in Mr. Polkadot’s list was Jab Harry Met Sejal. Even while typing this, I’m confused as to what to write about it. Do not judge, but Mr. Polkadot is a huge  Shah Rukh Khan fan, so yes he’ll be a little biased towards his performance. He is charming, witty, edgy and smooth, rather I would say, he is Shahrukh Khan. Fortunately or unfortunately, Mr. Polkadot is also a fan of Imtiaz Ali, but do not compare JHMS to his work, like Jab We Met, Love AajKal, Highway or Cocktail. As you would get disappointed then. Anushka is playing a bubbly girl, as usual, but with a gujju twist and pulled it off smoothly. Music here is a bit groovy and different, Phurrr is a new taste of music and different from the clan. Safar too is a soft sailing song, specially for your long drives, but avoid them in those long traffic jams or you might end up getting bored. Overall Shahrukh’s and Anushka’s fans wont be disappointed as they are getting to see them, but if Imtiaz’s fans are to be asked, they were expecting a lot more from this. Though it aint a spoiler, if you are going for your stars or those overpriced popcorn and nacho combos.

Mr. Polkaot will give Jab Harry Met Sejal ⚫ ⚫ (2 Polkadots out of 5)

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And at last, the third movie Mr. Polkadot saw was Munna Michael. Finally, Tiger Shroff is doing something new, such as bare body shots, dance, back flips, fight sequences and a little more of his bare body shots and dancing (for those who didnt get it, #sarcasm). Though he did get a new dialog this time. From, “Kya karu yar… Sabko ati nahi, aur meri jaati nahi” of Heropanti, to ” Itni jaldi kya hai, abhi to maine start kiya hai” of Baaghi and now “Munna jhagda nahi karta, munna sirf peet ta hai” of Munna michael. He is surely making a progress. (FYI- a disclaimer, Mr. Polkadot is a fan of Tiger’s dance and as a person. So this is just #legpulling) Overall the movie is majorly missing logic, and no script. It is basically song-fight-song-fight-interval-song-fight-song, with a bit of story line. Even Tiger would be asking the Director, “Sir, kya karna hai” and he’ll be like,”Ap dance karo, hum story beech me daal denge“. And the best illogical thing would be the last sequence of dance where he is already shot with a bullet, but duh.. dancer’s body (and cliché bollywood drama) that he performs on stage and even wins the competition for the lady love. Thats a bit over the top. Mahender (Nawazuddin siddiqui) being a gangster,plays his role with par excellence as usual. The heroine of the film, Deepika aka Dolly ( Nidhhi Agerwal) did a nice performance and almost matched up to Tiger in dance. But, our Tiger did overshadow her pretty well.  In the end, it is your kinda movie if you are a Tiger’s fan or dance lovers , with your large popcorn combo and no logic.

Mr. Polkadot will give Munna Michael ⚫ ⚫ (2 Polkadots out of 5)

So Mr. Polkadot’s movie marathon did go pretty expensive here. And according to him, he would prefer the movies to be watched, if you are planning to, in this order:

Mubarakan – For a bit of entertainment.

Jab Harry Met Sejal – For… Obviously Shah Rukh Khan.

Munna Michael- For all the dance lovers.

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