A journey of mix cuisines at Palmyra-The Bristol Hotel…!!

risotto in gurgaon , mr polkadot

Eating well is a form of Self- Respect..!!!

And when you  get an option of multi-cuisines at a single place,then you should right away head towards the place. Palmyra-The Bristol Hotel is one such example of it here. A buffet that offers unlimited variety from Sushi to Risotto.

Sushi in gurgaon Risotto in gurgaon, Mr Polkadot

Usually focusing on different varieties looses the taste and authenticity of the food,but it wasn’t the case here. Mr.Polkadot really enjoyed the food and even the snacks. For starters, Garlic bread was tasted and very well presented. It was crisp, tasty and very well garnished. After that, Spring roll with a twist of Paneer Tikka filling was presented in a small cup of mint sauce having another twist of peanut butter mixed in it. Also skinned cheesy potato was well cooked and presented.

MR POLKADOT,food in gurgaon

Multi cuisine restaurant in gurgaon

Garlic bread, Mr polkadot


Next, Sushi was presented ,though it was vegetarian,it didn’t loose its authenticity. Then a mocktail too was there,which was by far the best thing. It was smooth,tasty and mouth watering. After that, a special session by Chef Anil Dahiya was given, where Saffron Risotto was made live.


Sushi at gurgaon, mr polkadot

mocktail in gurgaon, mr polkadot

risotto in gurgaon , mr polkadot


Now,coming to the main course, Mr. Polkadot stuck to the basic of Plain Roti and Yellow Daal , with Paneer. Complimenting to it, Dahi Bhalla was very beautifully presented. And in the end, Mr. Polkadot satiated his tongue with Moong Daal Halwa, Mango Barfi and Chhena Toast.

Indian food in gurgaon, mr polkadot presentable dahi bhalla in gurgaon, mr polkadot sweets, moong daal halwa, chhena toast, mango barfi in gurgaon , mr polkadot

Overall,it was an exceptional experience with multi cuisines present at a single location. It is a recommended location for all those who love to experiment with there food and want to taste variety of stuff. Also, do let us know if there is any other location you would like Mr. Polkadot to visit.

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