Why to go for traditional Rakhi Gifts,when you have these!!

The first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word raksha bandhan is “behno par kharcha”. This mainstream stereotypical thinking need to be changed. Mr. Polkadot, being an “anti-mainstream” guy will get no stone unturned to change this thinking. Now you would ask him how, rather why!!! So my boys, just a few questions to those who have a doubt, who saves your bum when you come home late from a party?? And who comes to the rescue in that epic war with your parents.?? Ohh.. And what about the time, when your clingy ex girlfriend was stalking you?? Yes!! Exactly, your sister. When rakhi is all about protection of your sister, she has protected you in many manners than you can even think of.

Thats just one part of the story, “picture abhi baki hai mere dost”. So, mentally they have been your support throughout. Now, Mr. Polkadot would also like to mention the chaos, the struggle and the pain some sisters actually take to buy, choose or even a step ahead, to make a rakhi best suiting there brother. And here’s what Mr. Polkadot’s eyes got stuck at, when he saw a sister making beautiful, specially customized and hand made rakhis for her brothers.

Yes these beautiful rakhis are handmade and specifically designed to tie to her each brother. And this amazingly art which I’m sure you all are in awe of is called quilling.

Even the Bhabhis arent left alone, they too get a customized lumba matching with there hubby’s.

Quilling is an art in which strips of papers are rolled up, stuck and shaped to form a decorative pattern. Duh, obviously it has to be the female clan to expertise in it here too. With a great dedication, time and devotion each rakhi is being crafted and made. Each brother is getting a piece for his initials, doesn’t it look fabulous. Mr. Polkadot is surely jealous of these brothers.

The another art which is now a days growing slowly among the youth is doodles. This old art form has come up as a professional look out for a creative eye. You can have a regular doodle design for yourself or even a customized one for specific occasion or person. Artists are doodling on paper, wall paintings, glasses, cups and many more. Here too, Mr. Polkadot’s spies found a creative doodler hidden around us. Akanksha gupta, a professional doodler from rohini has customized these cups specially for her clients. Within a budget of around Rs. 300-500 depending on the design and cups size these products are available.

A doodle cup designed for a teacher bhabhi.
Because bhabhi got it,so why the interior designer brother gonna stay behind.

Seeing these “sisters’ ” working so creatively and with such dedication needs a huge round of applause and they set a high standard for true sister goals. Also, motivating many sisters to come up with some creative, out of the box and quirky gifting items for this rakhi. Now boys, Just to re frame my question, are you still really concerned about the “Beheno par Kharcha” any more? So do share this with your sisters and friends to let them know and match these sister goals. And let Mr Polkadot know in the comments below what your sister is doind this rakhi that are special for you. And to the ladies, do share and let us know your sister goal and how quirky you went this raksha bandhan for your bros.


Mr polkadot’s verdict Girls:1 boys:0


  1. So genuinely written as to how Sisters come as handy safeguard for all Bros . I agree rakhi made with love will strengthen this relationship more rather than gold, silver Rakhis readily available in market

  2. Wow.. such beautiful Rakhis.. they look so amazing and kudos to girl power for being so creative.. even the doodled cups look so awesome.. lucky brothers..!!

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